I am an artist living and working in Cornwall. My work is expressive and semi-abstract with an emphasis on rich colour, shape, texture and mark-making. Fortunate to have always lived within a mile or so of the beautiful and varied Cornish coastline I'm constantly inspired by the land and seascapes of Cornwall and my travels around Mexico, the Mediterranean and Morocco.

I enjoy being in the elements…the sight of a tangle of twigs in a Cornish hedgerow, the taste of salt air as I’m buffeted by the wind on a clifftop or breathing in the intoxicating scent of orange blossom as I lean against a sun-baked wall…my senses absorb moments like these and influence the way I work.

Often, in my sketchbook, attempting to capture a memory I'll jot down a few words similar to a Haiku poem to describe something that has captured my attention and poetry will often be the starting point for making work.


   petal in river

  beneath pink Kasbah Itran

  valley of roses

 ©  Lisa Lucas